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Originally founded as an investment company with its sole focus in Africa, the ADF Group has grown steadily to encompass interests in Asia and Europe. The decision to expand the scope of operations came in 2013 when the company unveiled an expansion strategy and established a head office in Hong Kong.

Since its inception, the ADF Group has worked within various eco-systems and communities around the world. Beyond just making a difference through strategic investments, the organisation is also a societally-conscious company that believes any support it offers affects more than just the immediate environment; its work has a deeper impact among the communities.

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for Investors from Willah Joseph Mudolo

ADF has a core executive leadership team that is responsible for setting the strategy and overseeing the work that the company’s various arms undertake. Willah Joseph Mudolo is a co-founder of the group and President of Global Operations. Mr. Mudolo is responsible for the rollout of the organisation’s projects around the world. He has extensive entrepreneurial experience and has developed a reputation in emerging markets for being a business start-up specialist.

The company’s mission is to be one of the leading job creators in developing nations where it has a footprint. ADF is also focused on delivering value to its stakeholders for the work it undertakes. The company’s vision is to build financial sustainability for the modern technology-driven society. It accomplishes this by being innovative, staying true to its course, building good partnerships around the world, upholding integrity as a key value, and encouraging teamwork for the effective implementation of ideas.

Value Delivery

ADF Group delivers value to its partners, stakeholders and communities through the following main strategies:

  • Asset and Wealth Management – These services are undertaken by the Swiss-based ADF CAPITAL, which works with various stakeholders from Governments to investment funds.
  • Government Infrastructure Investment – The main focus of this strategy is to fund government-level infrastructure projects. More than two-thirds of the Group’s direct investment funds are allocated towards this strategy, putting the ADF Group in a position to provide long-term secured debt or become a direct partner in an infrastructural project through a Private Public Partnership (PPP) deal.
  • Debt Investment and Private Equity – ADF Group invests in equity investments through a number of funds focused on growth and innovation.
  • Financial Consultancy – To the governments it works with, ADF Group provides financial consultancy services that are geared towards wealth and asset management, project management, restructuring of financial instruments, and infrastructure project feasibility study services.