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The ADF Group, which was co-founded by Willah Joseph Mudolo, seasoned entrepreneur and business executive, was originally established as an investment company with a strategic focus on Africa. From its humble beginnings, the company has made huge strides in international investments, steadily becoming one of the fast growing firms with a global reach across multiple business and industry sectors.

The growth and development of businesses and infrastructure projects in Africa remain key to the ADF Group. However, this has not stopped the company from venturing to other continents, with Asia and Europe on its radar. In 2013, the ADF Group chose Hong Kong as its strategic head office due to the city being centrally placed in one of the most rapidly growing economic regions. Hong Kong’s geography was also key to the decision.

A key mission for the firm is to ensure that there is measurable and high-quality value for all the transactions it undertakes, for the benefit of all stakeholders. The ADF Group is driven by the desire to become a key job creator for developing economies within Africa and to build a financially sustainable model that is powered by technology. Innovation, teamwork and partnership are some of the values the company holds dear, and for every transaction, the firm promises to stay on the journey and build effective partnerships.

To accomplish the goals it has set out, the ADF Group has developed a number of entities that work within various industries and business sectors to deliver value. These entities are found within three broad industries:

Primary Industries

The primary industries that ADF focuses on are mining and agriculture. For the former, the firm has an investment vehicle called ADF Mining that works with private and government consortiums to create project opportunities of all sizes. Some of the work includes exploring Greenfield sites, performing and developing due diligence reports, the establishment of mining sites and managing the operations of these sites.

In the agricultural sector, ADF Agriculture specialises in providing modern solutions and techniques to companies and governments to increase competitiveness, improve cooperation between stakeholders and develop sustainable solutions for Africa’s agricultural scene. ADF is keen to play a direct role in the monitoring and evaluation of its agricultural projects to ensure that all introduced solutions have the intended effect and use optimal resources.

Secondary Industries

The industries that the ADF Group focuses on in this category include construction, real estate and the leasing and maintenance of equipment used in the mining and construction industries in Africa. In the latter, for example, ADF ensures that infrastructure projects have the range of equipment needed to get the work done.

In the construction industry, ADF Construction works on high-value projects in the industrial and civil sectors. The firm works on the entire project lifecycle, from inception to completion, and has an experienced team to undertake this. In the real estate sector, ADF has an interest in government-based projects and residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. The company also gives priority to projects that have the potential to become Private Public Partnerships.

Tertiary Industries

In this category, the ADF Group has created entities that provide services in the technology, retail, health and security sectors. Here, the firm pursues acquisition strategies for IT partners, invests in healthcare systems and fosters technological innovation in health, works exclusively with one of the largest private security firms in Africa, and focuses on expansion and acquisitions of retail outlets in the continent to maximise economies of scale and make retail goods affordable for consumers.