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Rising Petroleum was established with the aim of helping Africa to meet its rising fuel needs across several nations with rapidly-growing economies. Rising Petroleum works with local governments and businesses in Africa to help address the challenges these entities are experiencing by providing a comprehensive range of value chain-service solutions at competitive prices.

Willah Joseph Mudolo is the Chairman of Rising Petroleum, coming from a long background in the financial advisory sector. Willah Mudolo also has vast entrepreneurial experience, covering a range of diverse sectors such as energy and petroleum, education, agriculture, mining, real estate, media, and project development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a core focus of Rising Petroleum, with environmental concerns forming a key part of its business operations. The company has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility programme in place which ensures the associated environmental impact of all activities is minimised or off-set to help protect the environment.


In each country where Rising Petroleum has operations, the company is committed to complete compliance with all environmental regulations, legislations and best practice, including at a national, regional and local level.

All employees are provided with full training on how best to ensure compliance with company-wide CSR policies and local practices, and the environmental performance of the business is communicated regularly to all stakeholders.

Rising Petroleum adopts working practices designed to minimise potential pollution to land, air and water, as well as reduce waste, maximise the effectiveness of resource usage, and dispose of necessary waste in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Products and Services

Rising Petroleum provides wholesale distribution and marketing services across a wide range of petroleum-based products.

These include unleaded petrol and diesel fuels for all kinds of road transport; gas oil for agricultural machinery and a variety of specific transportation applications; kerosene and liquified petroleum gas for domestic and commercial heating and occasional transport requirements; marine fuel oil for shipping; and various other fuel oils for specialist applications, including industrial plants and power stations.

Rising Petroleum also provides grease and lubricants to a vast cross-sector of businesses in Africa, including those in the food industry, agriculture industry, transport industry, construction industry, shipping industry, commercial industry, and engineering industry. Some of the specific applications include engine oils, metalworking fluids, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, mineral-based oils, transformer oils, hydraulic oils, and synthetic oils.

Working in partnership with businesses and governments, Rising Petroleum is helping fast-growing African economies to meet increased demand for a variety of goods and services.