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Rising Estates is one of the fastest-growing property developers in Africa with a focus on building property for commercial, industrial and residential use. The company has a presence in Southern and Western Africa, and plans are underway to expand this to select locations in Asia, Europe, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Developing property requires significant investments, which is what Rising Estates Limited is doing on its own, and through joint venture partnerships. The company is also growing through the acquisition of property development schemes that have the potential to return yields through further investment and development. This approach has enabled Rising Estates to create a diversified portfolio that delivers strong returns. Additionally, the company is steadily growing its in-house capacity in operations and construction, largely through a network of capable professionals.

In Africa, Rising Estates has mega projects in  the pipeline that will  enable it to construct thousands of residential homes in South Africa and Zambia. These projects are just the tip of more investments to come, with the company looking to develop high-quality commercial property spaces in various cities, and also work with national and local governments to develop new towns that will encourage more economic investment and create several thousands of Jobs.

On the international front, Rising Estates has focused on developing residential properties, with a few investments in the commercial real estate sector. Much of the company’s international activity is based in the United Kingdom, which serves as a key geographical location that will play a role in expansion to other select markets.

Rising Estates is part of a network of firms that have come together to address some of the pressing business concerns in Africa. The company takes environmental conservation seriously, and in working with communities ensures that best practices are adhered to. Rising Estates believes that by providing support at the local level, the impact will be widespread and have a bigger effect on more than just the immediate environment.

At the helm of Rising Estates is Willah Joseph Mudolo, who serves as the company’s chairman. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who has extensive experience in the investment and private banking industries. Throughout his career, Mr. Mudolo has provided advisory services to a range of private clients and governments.

Building the Future

The vision for Rising Estates is to become a world-class real estate developer with the capacity and reputation for creating valuable and innovative projects in Africa. Achieving this vision will require investing in and developing properties that meet the needs of various stakeholders, from local communities to governments and investors. Overriding this will be the need to employ innovative design and construction methods in making landmark developments, and collaboration among all involved to ensure sustainable solutions and growing local capacity.

The plan is to invest several billions of dollars over a number of phases in 10 years to achieve the vision. Rising Estates also plans to grow its portfolio of diversified developments in different cities and countries, thereby mitigating various risks. Establishing and maintaining relationships with financial institutions across Africa will also be key to the accomplishment of the company’s goals.

Social Responsibility

Protecting the social and environmental status of the communities it operates in is a key tenet of Rising Estates’ mission. To accomplish this, the firm has devoted resources to support communities and come up with policies that aid in this regard. The company is committed to preventing pollution and controlling the effect of its property development activities in the areas in which it works.

This has led to the championing of various corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments, which include compliance with all regulatory and legislative environmental requirements, training of all staff on the CSR commitments, responsible waste disposal and the efficient use of materials, and the regular communication of environmental performance.