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The WJ Mudolo Foundation was established to support people in Africa by maximising development opportunities. The foundation works across a variety of platforms to uplift communal and individual economic standards and development.

Willah Joseph Mudolo founded the charitable investment initiative in 2018 in partnership with his family and their businesses. The foundation works with the mission of bringing about socio-economic reform for some of the world’s poorest communities, working across Africa on a variety of initiatives.

Agriculture and Food Security

Food insecurity is a huge issue in many parts of Africa and has been rising for the past couple of years. You can read more about this in the PDF attachment to this post.

Willah Mudolo and the WJ Mudolo Foundation have formulated a series of agriculture and food security initiatives designed to assist farmers in both improving their income and delivering healthy, nutritious food to local communities.

Agricultural initiatives promote sustainable growth in production, remove hurdles to boost market performance, introduce primary sector investments, and monitor environmental impact.

Education and Professional Development

Sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest school attendance rates of any region in the world. Some statistics for this are shown in the embedded infographic.

Following the philosophy that every child deserves an education, the WJ Mudolo Foundation establishes merit-based educational and personal development initiatives for young people at every stage in their educational journey.

These initiatives provide funding for education ranging from kindergarten through to higher education as far as a master’s degree and including a wide range of technical and vocational training opportunities. There are opportunities across a wide range of subjects including STEM courses, the arts, sports and religious education.

Healthcare and Sanitation

Over half the population of the world today still does not have access to proper sanitation, with African nations being disproportionately represented within this figure. The short video attachment explores this in further detail.

The foundation operates a series of initiatives based around improving sanitation and access to healthcare in Africa, with a strategic focus on some of the most disadvantaged communities and groups, including vulnerable girls and young women.

These initiatives range from delivering WASH facilities to poor rural areas and providing direct medical aid, to raising public awareness about major health and hygiene concerns across Africa.

The WJ Mudolo Foundation strives to achieve sustainable change, delivering initiatives designed to strengthen communities over the long-term and viably transform lives for the better.