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ADF Group was initially launched as an investment company with a specific focus on investments in Africa. Since 2013 the company has been expanding into new markets, including other developing nations and a select handful of advanced markets, with its head office in Hong Kong.

Today, ADF Group operates as an international corporation focusing on fund management and private equity across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Willah Joseph Mudolo is one of the co-founders of ADF Group and the current President of Global Operations, with direct responsibility for overseeing projects roll out across all regions.

More information about Willah Mudolo’s professional background can be seen in the embedded short video.

Mission and Vision

The mission of ADF Group is to deliver measurable, sustainable value across all transactions for all stakeholders. The company is working towards becoming one of the leading creators of jobs in the developing world. The vision of the company is to create financial stability in a modernised society, with a developed infrastructure that is driven by technology. ADF Group weights this vision towards Africa and other global developing nations.

The infographic attachment explores the company values that underpin both the mission and the vision of ADF Group.

Asset and Wealth Management Solutions

ADF Holdings provides asset and wealth management solutions through ADF Group, working for international clients across three continents.

The bespoke asset and wealth management solutions of ADF Group are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, with experts working together with each investor to develop personalised investment strategies.

Each strategy takes into account the requirements of the investor, such as investment horizons, personal tolerance for risk, wealth structure, and a range of individual requirements and preferences.

You can learn more about the differences between asset management and wealth management in the PDF attachment to this post.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ADF Group has a strong corporate social responsibility programme in operation, driven by the recognition of the importance of protecting communities and the environment.

The CSR policies of ADF Group include a commitment to minimise company contributions to waste, pollution and any other forms of damage to the environment.

ADF Group constantly monitors environmental performance to identify areas where improvements can be made and ensures all members of staff are fully trained in CSR compliance.