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ADF Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the History of the African Development Funding Group?

The ADF Group is a fast-growing international investment company with an expanding asset base. The company works across Africa, Asia and Europe, and offers asset and wealth management services, government infrastructure investments, private equity and debt investments, and financial consultancy and advisory services.

Originally the ADF Group focused its operations on Africa. In 2013, the head office was relocated to Hong Kong and the company began to broaden its horizons by working in other developing regions as well as advanced markets.

What Companies Are Included in the ADF Group?

ADF Group owns several companies across different sectors and industries. In the primary sector, these companies include ADF Mining Ltd, ADF Agriculture Ltd and ADF Manufacturing Ltd, all of which focus on the retrieval and production of raw materials.

ADF Construction Ltd, ADF Estates Ltd and ADF Plant Lease & Hire Ltd sit in the secondary sector, where the investment is in products and service transformation processes. In the tertiary sector, ADF Group owns ADF Technology Ltd, ADF Health Ltd, ADF Security Ltd and ADF Retail Ltd, all of which specialise in services to consumers and businesses.