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Willah Joseph Mudolo

Willah Joseph Mudolo’s journey to transformational leadership started early in life.

As a student, he noted the structural issues facing his home country and grew determined to become a proponent for lasting, positive change. Mr Mudolo set his sights on helping Zambia, a country blessed with an abundance of natural resources, to attain economic independence for the betterment of its people.

Having transitioned from a humble background himself, Willah Joseph Mudolo is a transformational leader with an appreciation of the challenges faced by ordinary people in Zambia today. As a boy, he walked more than 10km to school each morning. During adolescence, he also helped out on his parents’ farm during the school holidays and at weekends. He was tasked with various responsibilities, including caring for the family’s cattle.

From these humble beginnings, Willah Joseph Mudolo rose to prominence as a successful, internationally-esteemed businessman, having earned several master’s degrees from UK universities.

Willah Joseph Mudolo has served in several senior executive roles with construction groups, consulting firms and oil companies over the years. He also has considerable business start-up experience, specialising in project development, media, agriculture, education, mining, petroleum and energy, and real estate. Mr Mudolo also has an extensive understanding of private and investment banking, corporate banking, and private equity sectors, having delivered consultancy services to governments and high-net-worth private clients.

In addition, Mr Mudolo benefits from extensive experience in risk management, IPOs, audit, microfinance institutions, accounting and strategic management. As President of Global Operations for ADF Group, a company he co-founded, Willah Joseph Mudolo is responsible for spearheading the implementation of the organisation’s projects globally. Mr Mudolo is also the co-founder and chairman of Rising Petroleum and Thetop Property Group, among several other companies.

Determined to improve the livelihood of all Zambian citizens, Mr Mudolo founded the National Economic Transformation Party and serves as President of the party. With the backing of Zambian citizens, the party’s goal is to put the nation on course to becoming a high upper-middle income country within a generation. In pursuit of this goal, Mr Mudolo plans to run for the Zambian Presidentship in 2026.

Recognising the importance of corporate social responsibility in all of his business activities, Mr Mudolo is a keen philanthropist with a particular focus on African charitable causes. Willah Joseph Mudolo and his family founded the WJ Mudolo Foundation with the mission of maximising development opportunities for Africans. The WJ Mudolo Foundation has supported numerous different worthy causes, including scholarship schemes, healthcare initiatives, youth empowerment programs, leadership nurturing, political guidance and support, and community projects.

Interests and Education:
Mr Mudolo’s book, Africa On the Point of Change, is due for release shortly. The book will explore Africa’s place on the international stage. Mr Mudolo is also presently working towards his doctorate, focusing on the development of Africa.

Vision for Zambia:
Willah Joseph Mudolo’s vision for Zambia is a country that utilises its natural resources for the benefit of all citizens, providing enhanced opportunities for young people living in the country’s towns and villages and enabling them to imagine a brighter future. Dedicated to driving renewed political understanding, enthusiasm and energy in the country, Willah Joseph Mudolo is committed to helping Zambia finally fulfil its potential, an intent driven by his own childhood experiences and personal appreciation of the challenges faced by ordinary people throughout the country today.