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Willah Joseph Mudolo

ADF Group

President of Global Operations

Co-Founder and President of Global Operations for the ADF Group

ADF Group – or African Development Funding Group – is an international investment company with a rapidly expanding asset base. ADF Group has grown to become one of the leading brokering international fund management and private equity companies, working around the world and across all industries and businesses.
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Rising Estates

Rising Estates is one of Africa’s fastest growing and most progressive residential, industrial and commercial property developers. Mudolo is the Chairman of Rising Estates, which has operations around Southern and Western Africa, with plans to expand into Asia and the UK.

Rising Estates is part of a network of companies in Africa that work towards addressing some of the country’s most urgent business needs, from housing to energy. The company is environmentally conscious and works to build strong relationships with the communities and ecosystems in which it operates. Rising Estates has created partnerships that enables it to successfully compete in the real estate industry, with a team that has solid experience and knowledge of the related financial markets.